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Internal Market

EFIC advocates for a deeper harmonisation of the EU Internal Market, believes that untapped potential exists for European SMEs and that clear and easy legal requirements are essential. Companies operating in the furniture sector are faced with many obstacles which hinder them from focusing their power on exports. Different national regulations, standards, certification schemes and labelling requirements constitute a barrier for EU producers and bring disproportionate costs for companies. EFIC therefore calls for harmonised rules at European level and a level playing field for furniture producers.


To list some examples, EFIC looks forward to the harmonisation of a) formaldehyde emission levels in articles for consumer uses, of b) legislation on Flame Retardants, to a level where toxic flame retardants are not required to comply with national flammability standards and requirements, and c) to a harmonised Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for furniture at EU level.


Last but not least, it is important that harmonised EU rules, such as the Timber Regulation, are applied in the same way by all Member States, to prevent time and resource intensive administrative burdens for companies.


Different initiatives and harmonisation requests have been brought forward by EFIC to overcome

these obstacles and to untap the full potential of our industries in the internal market.


For more information check out our Position Papers & News sections

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