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Harmonised Legislation for a well functioning Internal Market

The EU Single Market is one of the most cherished accomplishments of the EU, bringing many opportunities to businesses and citizens. The EU’s prosperity is based on an internally competitive, well-functioning and resilient Single Market. A single market approach is essential to make Europe a competitive place for growth and investments. 

Harmonisation of EU legislation is needed to enable a functioning single market. Differing national rules and requirements, standards, certification schemes or labelling requirements risk bringing additional costs and administrative burden for companies, as well as uncertainty. They may even be contradictory to the purposes and ambitions of EU legislation. 

Standards are key for a functioning Single Market, for a competitive European industry and for enhanced innovation in Europe. As a member of the European Commission’s High-Level Forum on European Standardisation, EFIC is proactive in identifying standardisation priorities in support of EU

policies and legislation. The Furniture industry experts are keen to be involved in the

development of standards affecting the sector via CEN TC 207 as well as other relevant

standardisation processes. 



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