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International Trade

In a context where protectionism and trade barriers are rising the EU should actively protect an open and rules-based international trade system that ensures the free flow of goods around the globe. The last decade has seen the number of product regulations almost triple, creating an increasingly complex legislative landscape. While proliferation of scattered and misaligned rules and compliance schemes have detrimental effects on businesses, international regulatory co-operation has the potential to achieve a coherent regulatory response, necessary for challenges that cannot be dealt with in isolation. 

Removing obstacles to trade not only within the EU internal market but

also towards third countries, as well as avoiding new trade barriers is important to boost the involvement of our smart and agile SMEs in the international market. 

EFIC is pleased to be a member of the Commission’s Market Access Advisory Committee (MAAC) that addresses market access barriers on exports to third countries. Fighting counterfeiting is extremely important as well.


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