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FurnCIRCLE - Circular Economy Guidelines and Tools for Application in the EU Furniture Sector

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Timespan: 2023 - 2025

European Commission call: Support for Social Dialogue VP/2022/001

Partners: FLA, AMBIT, EFIC

Latest Activities


FurnCIRCLE project will contribute to promote, strengthen, develop social dialogue at regional, national and EU level within the furniture sector, as it will provide key up-to-date information, tools and recommendations for social partners to address the debate and challenges of the furniture industry circular and climate-neutral transition, including the analysis of implications and changes for employment and work and the new skills needs for workers that this transition will entail.

FurnCIRCLE tackles the challenge of providing sector companies with practical guidelines and tools to support them to implement their circular transition strategy and it aims to develop:

  • an online tool for massive collection and analysis of sustainability data on the general situation of companies across the EU

  • practical and validated guidelines to integrate companies existing management models with actions and activities for deploying CE practices

  • an online tool for self-evaluating their level of maturity and real readiness to deploy CE practices

The project will also identify employers’ and employees’ green knowledge and skills needed to successfully implement CE practices and create a set of recommendations for furniture and other sectors stakeholders to foster and support the deployment of these practices.

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