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FLIER - The Future of Furniture: Circular Furniture Designers for a sustainable industry  

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Timespan: 2023 - 2025

European Commission call: Erasmus+ KA220-VET - Cooperation Partnerships


Website: under development

Latest Activities


In the FLIER project, a new curriculum (study plan) for Circular Furniture Designers and an online course will be developed. The objective is to prepare the furniture sector for the new challenges and opportunities posed by the circular transition and the new legislation that will apply to the sector. The project will promote the transition of the sector towards a more sustainable industry, reduce its environmental and carbon footprint, update and improve the current training offer related to furniture design and better cover the provision of knowledge, skills and competencies demanded by the labor market. .


Results transferable to companies:


  • Curriculum (study plan) for the new professional profile of “Circular Furniture Designer”

  • Training course hosted on a free and open e-learning platform.

  • Possibility of participation in: the pilot course (100 participants), the hackathon (25 participants) and/or the planned mobility in Italy (20 participants, 3 days)

  • Manual for trainers

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