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General Assembly

EFIC Board

EFIC is structured around a General Assembly, a Board, a Secretariat and Working Groups.

EFIC decision-making body is its General Assembly, composed by delegates mandated by the National Associations.
monitors its activities, regularly discuss the issues of interests and adopt the strategic actions to be pursued. EFIC Board members are appointed by National Associations. Associated members have the right to participate to the General Assembly and can be observers in the Board. 

EFIC Technical Working Group

takes care of the implementation of the actions agreed and monitor the developments at the EU level in order to propose new initiatives.
established at EFIC to bring technical expertise and/or discuss specific topics of interest. Working Groups active at EFIC are

EFIC Secretariat

Working groups

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New Hires

EFIC Circular Economy Working Group

EFIC Social Dialogue Working Group

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