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EFIC co-signs Joint Statement on EU Single Market and Sustainability in the PPWR

December 2023 - Alongside more than 100 organisations, EFIC co-signed a joint industry statement on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation in view of the Council General Approach. Serious concerns remain as to the ability of the Regulation to deliver on its intended goal of greater harmonisation of packaging sustainability rules across the EU. 

The first step is ensuring that the environmental objectives of the PPWR are balanced with the principles of a unified European market, in which packaging and packaged goods can move freely across EU borders. Only with a stronger, more effective Single Market can Europe hope to capture the levels of innovation and investment needed to take the lead in sustainable packaging developed at scale.

Secondly, the PPWR will be judged against its ability to ensure the functioning of all value chains that depend on packaging for the safe and efficient distribution of products in a circular economy. Virtually all goods circulating within the EU are packaged. Packaging is an integral part of a supply chain. The unavailability of suitable packaging, for instance due to disproportionate restrictions or unworkable conditions for market access, at EU or national level, can endanger the resilience of Europe’s supply chains.

We urge EU Member States to align with the Parliament on key issues where possible, and to uphold Single Market principles. 

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