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EFIC position on the revision of the mutual recognition regulation

The Single Market for Goods is one of the EU’s greatest achievements, as well as one of its most important and continuing priorities

After the launch of the EFIC 2020 strategy, EFIC has opened applications for associated membership to single companies and possibilities for partnerships and sponsorships.

IKEA of Sweden is the first single company joining EFIC. The official news was released during the EFIC General Assembly that took place on 12th December 2017. During the meeting Mr. Markus Wiesner – EFIC President - commented IKEA’s membership and he stated as follows:

“Having IKEA as EFIC member is an invaluable opportunity for both in order to achieve new and important common goals for the European furniture sector. Many issues can be better dealt together and I am sure that this new membership will be beneficial for the entire supply chain”.

EFIC Members and Secretariat are now looking forward to starting the collaboration with IKEA.

The official press release is available here.

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