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EFIC High-level Conference on "Circular Economy and Furniture Sector" - 27 June 2017

EFIC is glad to host the high-level conference on "Circular Economy and Furniture Sector" that will be held on Tuesday 27 June 2017 in its headquarter in Rue Montoyer 24, Brussels. 

The conference will be an occasion to further discuss challenges and opportunities from different perspective. Policy makers, NGOs, industries representatives and manufacturers will be gathered together for exchanging views, thoughts and best practices at the EU level.

EFIC will also take the opportunity to present the EFIC 2020 Strategy aimed at communicating the goals and work that EFIC is planning for the next years as well as the extended possibilities for becoming an EFIC member. Last but not least, EFIC is celebrating its 10th anniversary of activity in Brussels.

Please confirm your attendance by filling in the registration form.

For more information regarding the programme, please contact EFIC Secretariat:

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