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EFIC co-signs Joint Statement on the Green Claims Directive

January 2024 - Twelve organisations, including EFIC, co-signed a Joint Statement on the Green Claims Directive. Given that consumers can only make more sustainable choices if they have access to reliable, comparable, and verifiable information, it is crucial to ensure that claims made by traders are backed by sufficient evidence while products deliver the environmental benefits that they claim to have. It is also necessary to ensure consistency of the Directive with relevant EU legislation, in order to avoid legislative overlaps.



  • Ensure consistency of the Directive with relevant EU legislation while maintaining a level-playing field with imported products.

  • Ensure (information) requirements are strictly relevant to the substantiation and protect confidential information.

  • Clarify rules for the comparison of different product categories and further develop methods to calculate the life-cycle environmental impacts of products.

  • Ensure that existing, well-known third-party verified environmental certification schemes and labels are not facing obstacles in their verification.

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