News - Chemical Watch's article : Furniture trade bodies welcomes EU warning on flame retardants
The European Commission has revised the Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for furniture products and in its new set of criteria and Technical report, the EU is warning Member States on negative effects from flame retardants' use when choosing open-flame tests for upholstered furniture.

Chemical Watch's article - quoting EFIC Secretary General Ms. Roberta Dessì - is reporting on the news. European Institutions are increasingly becoming aware of the many issues related to the use of flame retardants in furniture.

In particular, Ms. Dessì stated: "Our campaign is aimed at having a more proactive approach from European institutions, in making the case for flame retardant free furniture possible."
She also noted: "In addition to the environmental and health impact, there is a growing concern that flame retardants may increase fire toxicity. This would also seriously question any concrete fire safety benefit from their use."
EFIC is a member of the Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe, a coalition of stakeholders including industry associations and environmental NGOs.

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