News - EFIC 2020 strategy – discover how to become EFIC Member
The Strategy aims at creating a proactive, independent and unified confederation representing a strong and united voice of the European furniture industry. By broadening the representation of EFIC, the influence over policymakers and other stakeholders can be strengthen and it can allow EFIC to reach positive regulatory outcomes.

The EU contributes in shaping the furniture sector and it is of paramount importance to keep monitored the decisional process at EU level. Joining EFIC would support the sector’s growth on the long term by advocating for promoting further entrepreneurship, supporting innovation and product development, bolstering employment, increasing competitiveness, boosting international trade, and ensuring the positive image of European fine furniture.

EFIC 2020 Strategy has created new membership’s categories that are now enlarged to not only National furniture federations, but also to single companies, partners and suppliers.

Have a look at EFIC 2020 brochure and get more information by directly contacting EFIC Secretariat at e.