News - EFIC press release: Member States and industry highly concerned by notified French regulation on VOC labelling of furniture
Six Member States together with several industries’ representatives alert the French government of the highly problematic profiles of the notified regulation on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) labelling of furniture products. EFIC call for a European harmonisation on formaldehyde emission levels from wood-based panels.

The first 3 months standstill period of the notified French regulation has ended yesterday 20 April 2017. Member States have joined the call of the furniture industries against an incomplete, inconsistent and disproportionate regulation.

Italy, Poland, Spain and UK issued a detailed opinion having the effect of extending the standstill period of three additional months. French authorities have a formal obligation to take into account and reply to the issues raised by Member States. Also Austria and Germany issued comments meaning that many EU Members States are sharing strong concerns over the notified French regulation.

EFIC relies on the European Commission to propose a European-wide regulation for regulating formaldehyde emission from wood-based panels. National unilateral initiatives have the only effect of hindering the functioning of the EU internal market.

Read EFIC detailed analysis of the French notified regulation here
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