News - EFIC President Mr. Markus Wiesner awarded in Liz, Austria
On 4 April 2017, Mr. Markus Wiesner was awarded with the "Golden decoration of Merit of the State of Upper Austria" by Governor Mr. Josef Pühringer The ceremony took place in a festive setting in the “Steinernen Saal” of the Linzer Landhaus.
During his laudation, Mr. Pühringer emphasized that "Markus Wiesner managed to play an important leading role in the European furniture industry using diplomacy and persuasive power and actively contributed to shape the future structure in a significant way".
Under the leadership of Mr. Markus Wiesner, Wiesner-Hager GmbH became one of the leading European office and property’s producers with an export rate of 56%. The company employs over 300 people throughout the Group. In the past fiscal year 2016/17 the sales amounted to 37 million euros.
In addition to his entrepreneurial professional activities, Mr. Markus Wiesner has been holding leading positions for many years as a representative of companies’ interests. He has been Austrian Wood Industries’ spokesman for environment for ten years and has also chaired the Austrian furniture industry for ten years.
Since 2012 he has been working as President of the EFIC (European Furniture Industries Confederation).