News - DIGIT-FUR - Impacts of the digital transformation in the wood furniture industry
EFIC is taking part to a European project aimed at understanding the impact that digital transformation may have on the wood furniture industry.

The DIGIT-FUR project is leaded by CENFIM – Furnishings Cluster and Innovation Hub and funded by the EC through the call Support for Social Dialogue.

The project will analyse the changes caused by the Industrial Digitization on the European wood furniture sector by 2025, including:

• New functions and requirements for jobs in each scenario.
• How the changes in these scenarios will impact (positively or negatively) health and safety risks of workplaces (e.g. more sedentary tasks, more responsibility and stress, eyestrain, etc.).
• Appropriate digital (and other) skills and knowledge that better match with new jobs requirements and functions.

The DIGIT-FUR project will last 2 years and the results will be of interest to workers, employers, trainers and policy-makers.

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