News - EFIC joint statement on new Chinese furniture standards with EBIA and EuroCommerce
On 31 January 2017, EFIC has signed a joint statement with the European Bedding Industries Association (EBIA) and European organisation representing the retail and wholesaile sector (EuroCommerce) on new Chinese furniture standards, respectively TBT notification CHN 1094, 1095, and 1096.

Notified at WTO in July 2015, these standards raise concerns of legal, technical and economic nature, as highlighted in the common position of the European furniture producers and European retailers.

China is an export market of growing importance for EU furniture industries. It is also the largest furniture consumption market and the demand for EU products is growing. Besides the additional costs and double testing imposed, the notified Chinese standards pose the risk for EU companies of not being able to sell their products in China, given the unpredictability of the test method proposed and its results.

The signatories call the Chinese authorities to maintain CHN 1094-1095-1096 voluntary and to equally recognize equivalent and well-recognised international standards, with particular regard to ISO standard, agreed on the international level and fully assessed.

Read the full version of the joint-statement at the following link.