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15 June 2018

The European Union includes intelligent safeguards to avoid market distortions in RED II, whilst raising targets for Renewable Energy Sources.

European producers of wood-based panels (represented by E...
Published on 15 Jun 2018
The European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC) is a non-profit organization gathering the major furniture national associations of the European Union and associated companies. EFIC now represents about the 70% of the total turnover of the fur...
Published on 05 Jun 2018
EFIC and your personal data

EFIC collects certain information or data about you when you use

EFIC collects:

- questions, queries or feedback you leave, including your email address if you contact EFIC;
- your name, job ti...
Published on 24 May 2018
The Single Market for Goods is one of the EU’s greatest achievements, as well as one of its most important and continuing priorities. It finds its legal roots in the free movement of goods, the first of the four fundamental freedoms of the internal m...
Published on 16 May 2018