The EU furniture industry is a dynamic and labour-intensive sector with a long history, substantial technological advances and established markets.

The EU furniture manufacturing industry makes a significant contribution to the European economy: nowadays it provides 1.1 million jobs in close to 130,000 enterprises, mainly micro and small sized, generating an annual turnover of around EUR 96 billion.

Moreover, one quarter of the world's furniture is produced in the EU and in most of the European countries the furniture sector represents between 2 and 4% of the production value of the overall manufacturing sector.

The role of the EU furniture sector further increases when its position in international trade is considered: the EU accounts for about 45% of total world trade; for about 40-45% of world furniture imports; and for around 30-35% of world furniture exports. The majority of this quota (about 85%) is represented by intra-EU trade.

EU furniture manufacturers are widely known and esteemed worldwide and the EU furniture sector still remains one of the most integrated and best differentiated in terms of product variety in the world.

Because of its importance, the performance of the sector can be considered a driving force for EU economic growth.