About us

EFIC – the European Furniture Industries Confederation - is the voice of the jointly united European furniture industries.

EFIC was founded in 2006 by seven national federations representing the furniture industries in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey and it has been later joined by Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Russia and Norway. Furthermore, Hungary, the Netherlands and France decided to join EFIC in 2015.

EFIC now represents about the 70% of the total turnover of the furniture industries in Europe, a sector that employs about 1.1 million workers in close to 130.000 companies.

Since November 2011 the Confederation has been chaired by Mr. Markus Wiesner of the Austrian Furniture Industry.

EFIC aim is to duly represent the furniture manufacturers, defend and promote their interests, by establishing and maintaining a constructive dialogue with the European Institutions, social partners and other stakeholders.

Among its main activities, EFIC:

  • duly represents the furniture manufacturers with European Institutions such as the EU Commission, the Council and the European Parliament;
  • defends the common interests of its Members and promote strategies aimed at ensuring right conditions for the furniture market in EU policies and priorities;
  • constantly monitors EU legislation and new legislative initiatives, regularly updating its members and participating to EU public and stakeholders` consultations;
  • provides a good and permanent relationship and an exchange platform between the national and European trade organizations for common projects, interests and ideas;
  • studies all the trade, technical, economic, social, fiscal problems and more generally all questions of interest to the development of the industries represented;
  • collects, analyses and distributes the corresponding documentation;
  • takes part in projects of common interest to the members.